Our Mission: Lady Jane Botanicals believes that the benefits of CBD are accessible to all people. This is reflected by the price of our products, our discount programs and our focus on philanthropy.  Our ingredients are the same as most of the expensive brands on the market and sometimes even higher potency. We are able to keep our prices reasonable by curating a select product line and managing shipping and packaging in house.

Our Story:  Founded by a working mother and veteran of the technology industry, Lady Jane Botanicals is a woman owned and operated business that provides all natural, effective and quality CBD products.  

After dealing with both stress and anxiety for many years, the founder was looking for natural solutions and discovered the valuable, natural and varied benefits of CBD. 

She introduced CBD to her father who was suffering from chronic back pain and her mother who had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Both of them also experienced marked relief and better sleep. 

Seeing so many CBD options on the market causing confusion and misinformation ,the founder decided to launch Lady Jane Botanicals in order to offer quality and trustworthy products to all her customers in the hope that they too could benefit from CBD.

In addition, she also wanted to give back to the community, so a portion of all sales will be donated to various charities throughout the year.